Un giorno di regno

Un giorno di regno


un_giorno_di_regno_operaUn giorno di regno, ossia il finto Stanislao (A One-Day Reign, or The Pretend Stanislaus, but often translated into English as King for a Day) is an operatic melodramma giocoso in two acts by Giuseppe Verdi to an Italian libretto written in 1818 for the Bohemian composer Adalbert Gyrowetz[1][2] by Felice Romani, based on the play Le faux Stanislas written by the Frenchman Alexandre Vincent Pineu-Duval in 1808…. readmore_03_tparent60_twinkles


King Stanislas of Poland has sent his friend Belifore to France in order to masquerade as the king himself to oversee a double wedding. However, Beliefore is in love with Marchesa, the neice of the Baron and one of the brides. The other bride, Giuletta, is not in love with her fiance, but instead loves Edoardo.

Belfiore, as the false king, makes Giuetta’s lover Edoardo rich, finds her original fiance another suitable bride and is able to marry his own bride.


Un Giorno di Regno
Escena y Aria de Edoardo
Ensamble Lírico Orquestal


Un giorno di regno – Renzetti


giorno “Un giorno di regno”
de Giuseppe Verdi



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